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Cutting Edge

Core Recovery System

ParaSonic is a highly efficient and versatile sonic drilling system for core cutting edge recovery, offering numerous advantages over traditional drilling techniques. Its ability to provide high-quality, continuous core samples with minimal disturbance makes it a preferred choice for various subsurface investigation projects. All of our casing and rod tool joints are built from CrMo and 4330 HT midbody material and assembled with Inertia Weld Process for the highest quality products and assured longevity.

Core Barrel Assembly

Sonic String1.webp

The core barrel assembly includes the core barrel bit, core barrel, core barrel adapter, drill rods and drill head flange

Core Barrel Bits

Our sonic core barrel bits are robust and efficient in design, using high-grade tungsten carbide inserts and built with high quality steel to ensure a longer tool life. Core barrel bits are available in a variety of styles fit to conquer whatever ground conditions you may encounter.

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Core barrel1.webp

Core Barrel

The Sonic Drilling Core Barrel is an essential tool in the realm of geotechnical and environmental drilling. Engineered for precision and durability, this core barrel is specifically designed to retrieve high-quality, undisturbed core samples from various subsurface conditions.

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Core Barrel Adapter

The Sonic Drilling Core Barrel Adapter is a crucial component designed to ensure seamless compatibility and superior performance in your drilling operations. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this adapter facilitates the secure connection between the core barrel and the drill string

Drill Rods

Our advanced Sonic Drilling Drill Rods are meticulously designed to deliver outstanding performance and durability in demanding drilling environments. Featuring heat-treated pin and box connections and constructed from high carbon alloys, these rods offer unparalleled wear resistance and strength, ensuring reliable and efficient drilling operations.

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Casing Assembly

The casing assembly includes casing shoes, casing, and casing crossover.

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Casing Shoes

Our sonic drilling casing shoes are engineered for superior performance and durability. Designed with advanced materials, including high-grade tungsten carbide inserts, these casing shoes ensure optimal penetration and longevity in a variety of geological conditions. Precision manufacturing and stringent quality control processes guarantee that our casing shoes deliver consistent, reliable results, making them the ideal choice for any sonic drilling project.


Our Sonic Drilling Casing is meticulously designed to provide exceptional strength, durability, and precision in a variety of drilling applications. Crafted to withstand the unique demands of sonic drilling, this casing ensures the integrity of your borehole and enhances the efficiency and reliability of your drilling operations.

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